B1 Visa & B2 Visa

The B1 and B2 visas are multi-use visas for people who are entering the United States, usually for up to six months, for a range of purposes:

  • to travel
  • visit friends
  • go to conferences
  • compete in certain athletic competitions (including for prize money)
  • or to be part of a law suit

Key Considerations for B1/B2 Visas

B1 visa B2 visaThe important strategies for a B1 visa or B2 visa application revolve around how to develop these documents for the Consulate.

Their primary concern is whether the applicant is going to go back to their home country, or intends to stay in the US.

So the key to your application will be to prove that there are ties to your home country, which may include:

  • real estate
  • a job to go back to
  • dependent family and friends

B1 and B2 visas are highly discretionary. Without sufficient evidence showing reasons why you will return, they can be denied.

B1  Visa

The B-1 visa is for visitors to the U.S. for business purposes including: consulting with clients or business associates, conferences or seminars, conventions, research, legal negotiations or proceedings.

B-1 Visa Eligibility

  • Must show “Non-immigrant intent”, i.e. that you intend to depart the U.S. after completion of their activities, or intend to maintain foreign residence.
  • Valid for up to six months, and can be renewed for another six months.
  • Most B-1 visa applications require an interview at local U.S. embassy,

Permitted B-1 Activities

  • Carrying out commercial transactions that do not involvement U.S. employment
  • Negotiating transactions
  • Litigation or legal negotiations
  • Lecturers or speakers to U.S. campuses
  • Professional conferences, seminars, conventions
  • Independent research, feasibility studies, market research
  • Athletic performance for prize money but not salary
  • Personal assistant or domestic servants traveling with employer who is on B, E, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P, R, or TN visa
  • Technical personnel to install or service equipment
  • Excludes: visitors here for purposes of work, study, foreign press & media

B-1 Family & Dependents

  • Dependents (spouse, children) can accompany a B-1 visa holder, and are considered B-2 visa holders.
  • Dependents are NOT allowed to be gainfully employed under B-2 status (but may qualify under another visa type). There is an exception. Arrange a free consultation and your attorney about “B-1 in lieu of H-1B.”

B-2 Tourist/Pleasure Visa

The B-2 visa is for individuals visiting the U.S. temporarily for pleasure, or to visit family or friends.

B-2 Visa Requirements

  • Visit will be temporary
  • Will depart U.S. at end of your authorized stay or any extension
  • In possession of valid passport
  • Maintain foreign residence you have no intention of abandoning
  • Ability to support yourself financially while in the U.S.

B-2 Visa Used By

  • Tourists on pleasure trip to U.S.
  • Visit friends and relatives in U.S.
  • Foreign nationals coming to U.S. to marry U.S. citizen or Green Card holder (must depart U.S. to ultimately immigrate)
  • Amateur athletes, musicians, etc. participating in their respective fields
  • Conventions of social (vs. business) organizations
  • Foreign nationals coming to U.S. for medical treatment

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