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P3 Visa

The P3 visa, known as the “Artists or Entertainers In Culturally Unique Program” visa, is for artists or entertainers coming to the U.S. to…

  • Perform in a culturally unique program.
  • Represent, teach, coach in cultural, musical, ethnic, folk, artistic, or theatrical arts
  • or as support personnel to P-3 holders

P3 Visa Benefits and Limitations

P3 Visa

  1. Commercial or Non-commercial – program may be either commercial or non-commercial in nature.
  2. Level of performance – a lower threshold allowable compared to P-1 visa, but level of performance of the U.S. and visiting performers should be similar.
  3. Duration – Visit is for period necessary to complete the program or event, up to a maximum of 1 year.
  4. Extensions – P-3 holders may be extended in increments of 1 year, if the same event or activity originally admitted.
  5. Payment– is allowed under a P-3 visa.
  6. Study – Undertake part-time study.
  7. Support personnel – may apply for P-3 visa to accompany principal P-2 visa holder.
  8. Travel – May Travel freely inside and outside the U.S. while P-3 visa is valid.
  9. Dependents – Spouse and/or unmarried children under 21 years old may accompany or visit under a P-4 visa.  They may not be employed on a P-4 visa, however.
  10. Permanent residency / Green Card – P-3 visa holders may apply for an Adjustment of Status and seek permanent residency (this does not include support personnel).
  11. Dependents & employment – dependents on P-4 visa may not work.

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