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H1B1 Visa

The H-1B1 visa is a variant of the H1B skilled worker visa specifically for citizens of Chile or Singapore who wish to work temporarily in the United States.

While applicants for the “dual intent” H-1B visas may intend to immigrate into the U.S., H-1B1 visas are strictly for temporary work and are not appropriate for those who may wish to apply for permanent residency at a later date.

H1B1 VisaWhile there is a cap of 65,000 H-1B visas each year, 6800 of these are reserved for H-1B1s, of which 1400 are allocated for Chilean nationals and 5400 for Singaporeans.

Note that Chilean and Singaporean nationals are not prohibited from applying for the regular H-1B visas. For this reason, people who may wish to remain longer in the U.S. should consider applying for the less restrictive H-1B.

There are two versions of the H-1B1 visa, coming from two special treaties agreed with the United States: The special Singapore visa is called the H-1B1-Singapore and the version for Chile is called the H-1B1-Chile.

Allocations for H1B1 Visas

65,000 visas in total are allocated to the capped H-1B visa program. Of these, a total of 6,800 are reserved for use for the H-1B1, and of those 1,400 for Chile and 5,400 for Singapore.

All approved applications for H-1B1 classification are counted towards these limits, including both applications that result in a new visa being issued, and also those that involve a change of status.