K4 Visa

The K-4 visa is for a child or children of a K-3 Spouse Visa holder.

Criteria for K-4 Child Visa qualification include…

  1. Applicant must be less than 21
  2. And must be the unmarried child of a K-3 applicant

K4 Visa

K-4 Visa Additional Requirements & Terms


May apply for a work permit from the USCIS by way of an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).  You cannot begin work until the EAD has been granted.


You may study under a K-4 visa.

Length of stay

A K-2 visa is valid for 2 years, or until age 21, whichever comes first.


K-4 visas must be extended at same time as your K-3 parent extension.   Extensions must be applied for 120 days prior to expiration, and are issued in 2-year intervals.

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