Velie and Velie Indian Law

For over a decade Velie Law Firm has represented American Indian Tribes, entities, officials and members in every forum from tribal agencies, tribal courts, Court of Indian Offenses (CFR courts), state courts and federal courts across the country.

Velie Law Firm is one of the most successful law firms in the United States that is dedicated to the representation of American Indian tribes and organizations. We find that unique cultures, like those of our Native American clients, to be of keen personal interest - an interest that dates back to our undergraduate days in Native American Studies at Cal Berkeley.

Our legal services cover a broad range of areas related to Indian Affairs, including litigation and litigation support, economic development and gaming, contract drafting and negotiation, foreign trade zones, obtaining federal recognition and developing tribal agencies and courts.

Our American Indian Legal Department is dedicated to to protecting and promoting the culture of the past while moving forward with technology and present day issues. We strive to seek justice for Indian Tribes and their members through dedication, expertise, experience and extraordinary service.